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ozgreg wrote:
> personally I feel a jump from a point release to a whole number release is when a insignificant percentage of the base (core) code base changes..
> Without that, it is just another point release..

It doesn't have to be code. A new default theme wouldn't be a bad excuse
for a major version bump.

Like right now for my most popular program (EasyBCD) I've been on 1.x
for a while. When I bump up to 2.0, the only code change I'll be doing
is adding localization support and shipping it with 5 or 6 languages.
It's drastically different from the _1.0_ release (major should be
compared with major, IMO), and between 1.0 and 2.0 I've addressed all
the issues that ever existed and enhanced it all I think I could.

Changes between minor releases may not be that great, but I don't think
it's fair to decide on a major bump depending on whether or not it's too
big of a change for a minor - you should compare your progress since the
last major version, and see where you stand.

So the real question is:

Has WordPress changed significantly from 2.0 to be considered WordPress 3?

Has WordPress changed significantly since 2.2 or 2.3 to be considered
WordPress 3.

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