[wp-hackers] 2.3 Features

Mark Jaquith mark.wordpress at txfx.net
Fri May 18 03:31:54 GMT 2007

On May 16, 2007, at 11:43 PM, spencerp wrote:

>> I believe a better draft system is in the works, courtesy of Mark  
>> Jaquith.
>> Or, if not, I'd be glad to work on that.
> Yeah, I'm pretty sure Mark was working on something, or at least  
> planned to then... I think he mentioned about this in a reply the  
> other month, when I re-bumped the original discussion I started on  
> it. :D If you three (Mark, Rob1n, and Aaron) work on that puppy...  
> I know it will rock n knock the socks right off folks. :D lol

I was hoping to hear back about the possibility of corporate  
sponsorship for that feature (that is, a company using WordPress  
wants the feature, they pay me to develop it, and it makes its way  
into WP core courtesy of the GPL).  That still might be an option,  
but I don't know yet.  If not, it will likely be the big feature that  
I work on for 2.3 on my own time (with help, of course!  I like to  
publicly iterate and get feedback.)

Mark Jaquith

Covered Web Services

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