[wp-hackers] 2.3 Features

David Chait davebytes at comcast.net
Thu May 17 17:29:15 GMT 2007

I think performance is key (especially if it gets rebranded 3.0).  
moving wp-cache as a bundled/supported plugin, other core cleanup and 
optimization, minimization of reprocessing big blocks of text constantly 
(this was a concept to store the processed content in another field, 
maybe with a user-specified refresh or something), etc.

I'll continue to push for strong perf improvements in the core 
(including via 'core plugins') that help shared environment users, as 
things like the object cache don't generally.  I liked the recent 
discussion of trying to take advantage of mysql caching on shared 
systems -- that's another interesting approach.


Matt Mullenweg wrote:
> Aaron Brazell wrote:
>> Now that 2.2 is out the door, and presumably 2.2.1 is around the 
>> corner with widget related bug fixes, I guess we need to consider 
>> what new features will be added to 2.3 - besides Tagging of course. 
>> Matt, Ryan, Mark? Do you guys have a laundry list yet?
> Tags.
> I think we should look a lot at the front-end performance of WP:
> http://www.skrenta.com/2007/05/14_rules_for_fast_web_pages_by_1.html
> We should make update notification for core WP more robust, possibly 
> including sending an email to admin_email.
> Consider bundling a new theme, two that come to mind are Regulus and 
> Sandbox. (This would be in addition to, not replacing Kubrick.)
> We should shoot for some sort of update notification system for 
> plugins. It would be neat if the email sent to admin_email about a new 
> version included a note about which plugins were compatible or not.
> Of course we should continue to make design and usability 
> improvements, and improve speed, security, and scalability as we 
> become aware of issue.

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