[wp-hackers] MySQL server/client versions

Kevin Newman CaptainN at unFocus.com
Tue May 15 22:04:29 GMT 2007

Chris wrote:
> Hi , could an expert advise me on this.
> My ISP has server version 5.0.24, and i noted that phpMyAdmin shows 
> client version as 4.1.10
> (Linux hosting) - I know it is ideal to have same versions for both, 
> but I don't have control of this... what are the implications, if any?
> thanks
> ChrisH
Your ISP has version 5.0.24 of MySQL server running (the server). When 
you are using PHP, then PHP connects to the MySQL server as the client, 
using whatever library it was compiled with (in your case 4.1.10). There 
is no issue with using an older client version of the libmysql, except 
perhaps that you don't get the performance benefits of using a newer 
client version.

Kevin N.

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