[wp-hackers] Re: 2.2 RC2 + a few things

Paveo Chen p at owind.com
Tue May 15 02:08:26 GMT 2007

I used WordPress 2.2 RC,Apache 2.2 and the PHP 5.2.0,all things work well like wp-cache2 plugin,
and I used memcached (object-cache.php),it works nice too:)

The Bests,	
Paveo Chen

>=== 2007-05-15 04:41:47 Ryan Boren you wrote "[wp-hackers] Re: 2.2 RC2 + a few things" ===
>Is anyone testing with PHP 5.2.2?  How about with 5.1.x or 5.2.x and
>plugins that use output buffers?  I'm hoping the php5 compat problems
>are ironed out now.
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