[wp-hackers] OT: MySQL optimization

Chris Williams chris at clwill.com
Mon May 7 20:41:19 GMT 2007

This could well be considered completely OT, but I'm looking for some
guidance from some serious MySQL folks... so here I am.


I've used MS SQL for more than a decade.  I understand the regular
required maintenance it requires (at least weekly checks and
optimizations).  There is a job scheduler to make this easy.


Now that I'm using MySQL for more stuff, I see and have used the
"optimize table" command, but is there an equivalent of the job
scheduler so that I can tell it to just do this every so often?  I have
one db that has a table with about a million records, and it gets adds
and deletes constantly.  Clearly some kind of regular maintenance is a
good thing.


Thanks for your tolerance for this OT question, if you want to point me
to a more appropriate forum or to reply off-list that would be



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