[wp-hackers] WP-Hackers Stats for April 2007

Roy Schestowitz r at schestowitz.com
Sun May 6 06:12:46 GMT 2007

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> Roy Schestowitz wrote:
>> ¤  Times are Greenwich Mean Time (GMT) +0:00
>> ¤  Statistics span a period of one month
>> ¤  Subject line formatted consistently "WP-Hackers Stats for
>> <MONTH> <YEAR>"
>> ¤  Killfile <subject contains "WP-Hackers Stats for "> if
> uninterested
> About this, I've started to get quite a lot of spam coming to the
> email registered on this list. It's not used or advertised anywhere
> else on the web, but a quick google search results in 4 results,
> all from these stats emails.  I've even had people contact me
> directly using my list email, looking for support instead of using
> the forums.  Not that it will make much difference to me at this
> point, can you please improve the obfuscation a bit more, or else
> remove me from the stats.  I think we're well past the point where
> 'username#domain.com' fooled any bots trawling Nabble.
Hi Jamie,

I recently changes the '#', turning it into a whitespace. Is there any
better solution to this? From what I can gather, many people reply on
list and quote E-mail addresses (in explicit form) in the message
body. Arguments about hiding of one's E-mail address are similar to
X-No-Archive, where one reply to a X-No-Archive'ed post makes it
entirely visible.

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