[wp-hackers] FW: Wordpress All versions XSS

Jennifer Hodgdon yahgrp at poplarware.com
Thu May 3 13:34:51 GMT 2007

> what about a codex page to track that "preferences" anyway? just an easy 
> table like:
> - actual/legacy function
> - preferred function
> - wp version which implements first the preferred one

What is currently done (or what is supposed to be done) in the Codex 
along these lines:

* The bloginfo function doc page lists the currently preferred inputs 
(non-preferred are not mentioned). If someone wanted to add a section 
there listing the older inputs and current replacements, it might be 
useful. Feel free; if you are not a Codex expert but want to help, 
make up a list and I can add it to the doc page.

* Generally, on the function documentation list pages (Template Tags, 
Function Reference, etc.), functions are marked with which WP version 
they were created in, and which WP version they were deprecated in. 
This may not be perfect (the Codex is maintained by volunteers after 
all), but that is at least the plan.

* If you visit the individual doc page for a function that has been 
deprecated, it should say what the replacement function is and what WP 
version it was deprecated in.

* There are also version-to-version upgrade guides in the Codex for 
plugin/theme authors that list deprecated functions and suggest 
authors update to use new functions.

If you think the Codex needs additional documentation pages related to 
of preferred/deprecated behavior, probably the right place to discuss 
it is on the Doc list. Personally, I think what is listed above is 
probably sufficient for most purposes.


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