[wp-hackers] [RFC] some admin hooks

Sabin Iacob iacobs at m0n5t3r.info
Thu Mar 29 17:52:26 GMT 2007


I would like to propose some hooks for the plugin management interface:
 * action get_plugin_data: it would allow plugging in additional code 
for managing info like dependencies, update URL, etc...
 * action before_activate_$plugin: it would allow plugins to check for 
needed features before activation and set a flag to skip activation if 
dependencies are not met

and, maybe
 * filter (or action?) plugins_header (to add columns to the table)
 * filter (or action?) plugin_rows (similar to cat_rows?)

also, get_plugins() looks like it needs some cleaning

what'ya think? should I do it and post a patch?

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