[wp-hackers] On Flooding Trac

Jennifer Hodgdon yahgrp at poplarware.com
Wed Mar 28 22:33:36 GMT 2007

Ah. The issue is that you have to enter a profile in Trac, even if you 
have it set up in the Forums (which is where you go to make a user 
name). That's confusing. I'll make sure the Codex reflects it...


Peter Westwood wrote:
> Jennifer Hodgdon wrote:
>>> Then you should put yourself on the cc list, which should update on
>>> every little change for the ticket. The whole list doesn't need to see
>>> milestone changes for 200 tickets at a time, though.
>> By the way, regarding the CC list, I do not want to put my email list 
>> in a field that gets displayed to the world on a web site (spam 
>> magnet), but just entering my Trac user name doesn't seem to get me 
>> cc'd (even though my email address is in my forum profile, at least it 
>> was last time I checked into this).
>> So I never bother putting myself into CC. Is this supposed to work 
>> with just your user name?
> I didn't think so.
> But here is what to do:
>  1. Log into Trac.
>  2. Go to your settings page.
>  3. Setup Realname and email address.
>  4. Add yourself to cc.
>  5. Receive emails when those tickets change.
> Hope this helps.
> westi

Jennifer Hodgdon

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