[wp-hackers] On Flooding Trac

Robert Deaton false.hopes at gmail.com
Wed Mar 28 19:49:11 GMT 2007

On 3/28/07, wordpress at nazgul.nu <wordpress at nazgul.nu> wrote:
> > For another idea, how about instead of giving us a warning or
> > something, could somebody reconfigure the trac mailer not to send on
> > frivolous changes that the whole list doesn't need to know about. It
> > would be nice to know about comments, tickets being
> > created/closed/reopened, but not so much to know about every time
> > someone changes the milestone or the version.
> It depends. For tickets I submitted or made patches for, I'd also like to
> get those milestone or version change notifications. And other people might
> also want them under different circumstances.

Then you should put yourself on the cc list, which should update on
every little change for the ticket. The whole list doesn't need to see
milestone changes for 200 tickets at a time, though.

> The only option that will please all people is (if Lloyd (or anybody else
> doing mass trac triage) is willing) to notify people in advance, so they can
> temporarily switch to digest mode if they don't want to get a large amount
> of trac mails.
> But the default should definitely be: mail everything, because that's what
> the list is for.

I disagree, in the same way that the Trac timeline doesn't display
everything, I don't think the list should either. I think the mailing
list should display more than the timeline even, but neither need to
show every little itty bitty change, unless you are CCed to a specific
ticket, its creator, etc.

--Robert Deaton

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