[wp-hackers] On Flooding Trac

Robert Deaton false.hopes at gmail.com
Wed Mar 28 17:17:36 GMT 2007

On 3/28/07, Jeremy Visser <jeremy.visser at gmail.com> wrote:
> Lloyd Budd wrote:
> > Sorry about that. I will try to keep that in mind next time and
> > provide at least a day's notice.
> Why should _you_ be sorry? If he signed up for the wp-trac list, then
> he's going to get Trac emails. If he doesn't want trac emails, then he
> can unsubscribe from the list, or get a digest.

All I did was make a request that we be warned. He has no need to
listen, he could have very well said no himself, but some people
aren't so bloody heartless. I apologize for trying to streamline my
time spent contributing.

Thank you Lloyd for taking a second to consider others.

For another idea, how about instead of giving us a warning or
something, could somebody reconfigure the trac mailer not to send on
frivolous changes that the whole list doesn't need to know about. It
would be nice to know about comments, tickets being
created/closed/reopened, but not so much to know about every time
someone changes the milestone or the version.

--Robert Deaton

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