[wp-hackers] Re: wp-hackers Digest, Vol 26, Issue 87

Mark Ghosh mark at wltc.net
Wed Mar 28 13:52:34 GMT 2007

I love the concept and I think it would be really useful, especially for
mutiuser blogs. I also like Jeremy's idea of having the link in a couple of
Please let me know if you need any help,
(And since I am more of a lurker recently, that goes for everyone on this
list, BTW)


Hi Guys,
> I'm currently working on an Event Viewer Plugin for Wordpress.
> The idea is that events such as users added, password reseting etc are
> logged.
> At this stage the plugin works but it doesn't log anything.
> I'm interested to see if anyone might use it, or has any suggestions.
> The very very alpha version can be downloaded here (tested on Wordpress
> 2.1.2):
> http://download.bluetrait.org/btev/btev-0.1.zip
> The plugin installs to:
> Manage -> Event Viewer
> Thanks,
> Michael.

Mark Ghosh

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