[wp-hackers] Patch for unixtime support in permalinks

David Hope dave at davehope.co.uk
Mon Mar 26 19:25:55 GMT 2007

Hi guys,

Just joined the list, this is my first post. And my first attempt at a patch
to any open source project so i've probably made some big mistakes, but here

I wanted to allow unixtimes to be used in permalinks (to reproduce my
current blog software), so I asked on the support forum and then figured
"what the hell, i'll give it a go anyway".

Attached is a patch for 2.1.2 which adds this support (you can use
%unixtime% in permalink URLs) this hasn't been tested, and is the first time
i've ever looked through the wordpress codebase so if i've missed something,
I appologise.

Hope someone finds it useful. Do with what you will.

Dave Hopp

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