[wp-hackers] Plugin Language Translation

Andy Staines andy at yellowswordfish.com
Sun Mar 25 11:33:01 GMT 2007

Good day all

Could anyone advise on a problem I am seeing translating a plugin to a 
different language - in this case French. Everything seems to have gone 
correctly except... Any single word strings are displaying correctly in 
French. Multiple word strings are still displaying in English.

For the record and as background: I used poEdit to parse the plugin 
files to get the 'po' file. A helpful French lady then used poEdit to 
key in the translations and save as the 'mo' file. poEdit does not allow 
her to change the original so they are intact. I have placed the 
load_plugin_domain() call in both the main 'admin' and 'public' files 
and the 'mo' file IS getting picked up. Just ignoring anything with 
spaces - i.e. multi-word strings?

Can anyone offer a solution please?

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