[wp-hackers] Google SoC: PostgreSQL port

Matt Mullenweg m at mullenweg.com
Sat Mar 24 00:03:42 GMT 2007

Charles Hooper wrote:
> Or we could just make a wp_query($sql) that uses the appropriate 
> database functions and write all of our queries using ANSI SQL. Yea! 

My suggestion was merely to highlight what I think has the most chance 
of actually making a difference.

A boil the ocean approach of getting all of core WP, and every plugin, 
and some themes, to rewrite the way they do things is going uphill every 
step of the way.

A regex filter-based approach might not work for every edge case in the 
world, but I bet you could get it 100% for core and 95%+ for plugins 
without requiring either to change one line of code, and at the end 
you'll have something fairly interesting that could be easily used for 
other applications.

I'm not suggesting it's cleaner, in fact it's a hack, but it has the 
potential to be an elegant hack, which is often more fun.

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