[wp-hackers] Google Summer of Code 2007 Mentors ? ? ?

Brian Layman Brian at TheCodeCave.com
Fri Mar 23 16:17:21 GMT 2007

Have all of the mentors registered?  I assume all of them are on this

There are applications to vote on and offer opinions on..

Right now it just looks like Lloyd and myself making comments.  GSOC
recommends two mentors for each student to help share the load and provide
better access for the students when help is needed.  Right now, I'm not
seeing a level of participation from the mentors to support that...

It takes a couple days to process the registration.  Once joined, I believe
we are supposed to join the Mentor list in order to get communications from

Heck, you at least get a free T-Shirt out of the deal this way...
Brian Layman

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