[wp-hackers] Re: [wp-svn] [5062] trunk: Add RTL support to kubrick.

Kimmo Suominen kimmo+key+wordpress.c4f53f at suominen.com
Fri Mar 23 07:22:46 GMT 2007

On Tue, Mar 20, 2007 at 07:38:20PM -0700, Matt Mullenweg wrote:
> Ryan Boren wrote:
> >I'd like our bundled themes to support gettext, RTL, widgets, and
> >custom header images.  We need to set a good example of what themes
> >should be doing.  Not gettexting the default theme avoided some
> >support problems at the time, but it has created maintenance problems
> >with keeping the default up-to-date across all of the translations and
> >has spawned hundreds of themes that don't use gettext.
> Or to look at it another way, hundreds of themes were created that 
> wouldn't have been if the default was gettexted.

I don't agree with that logic.  Do you have some supporting evidence
that themes wouldn't have been created if the default theme was

The issue that themes don't follow the language setting for the rest
of WordPress comes up often with the Finnish users.

I think it would be just as easy to use the example provided by the
default theme if it was gettexted.  I think it would also result in
themes that support I18N much better, not splitting up phrases.

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+ Kimmo
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