[wp-hackers] Annotation plugin: looking for help

Jeremy Visser jeremy.visser at gmail.com
Thu Mar 22 03:16:09 GMT 2007

Joel Parker wrote:
> I'm looking for help from an experienced WP plugin author in creating an
> annotation plugin. I have a very clear idea of what exactly must be
> done, I just need some help from a sympathetic party to get there.
> The plugin will be based on the existing Marginalia code, and will
> feature the ability for (authenticated) users to select an arbitrary
> range of text and give a small side comment about it. This comment will
> be displayed in a sidebar.
> Marginalia: http://code.google.com/p/marginalia/
> The system will consist of:
> * A bit of Javascript from the Marginalia project (handles selection,
> display, UI, etc.; already complete)
> * A theme with an open sidebar (just an appropriate <div>, pretty much)
> * Backend code (the WP plugin) that sits between the JS and the DB
> The plugin will need to do the following things:
> * Insert a bit of formatting into an article when submitted (just some
> <divs>)
> * Do a store/edit/retrieve function with the DB
> * Make sure user authentication is honored (check rights, etc.)
> The ultimate goal will be a public site allowing annotations of
> user-submitted documents.

I remember there was something like this that used the Yahoo! JS library
that allowed blog comments to be attached to paragraphs in the post.

See if this is anything like you want, even though it doesn't use

Jeremy Visser

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