[wp-hackers] Call for Plugin Developer

jason switzer jswitzer at gmail.com
Sun Mar 18 21:49:55 GMT 2007

I looked at Inline Gallery and it seems like way too much work to have
cleanly organized photo albums. I tried fGallery and that seemed to work the
best, but it still suffers from the problem of having too much work done on
the web server (uploading 2GB of pictures through their interface will
always timeout or cause grief). The key feature that I want is something
that is relatively quick (I run from an older machine) and has lightbox and
individual tag support. The reason why I turned to desktop clients for this
is because they almost always handle those features better. F-Spot is a
young project and already can do tags and image manipulation that well

I would much rather have my desktop do the work than the web server and
lightbox+tag support are the deal making features. I haven't found a plugin
that can do that yet with the least amount of work involved (I don't want to
spend countless hours tying together an organized photo album and I want to
host it all myself).

So the call for the plugin developer still stands. Any takers?


On 3/18/07, jason switzer <jswitzer at gmail.com> wrote:
> I haven't looked at Inline Gallery in a while, so I'll try to check it
> out. F-Spot imports the images to ~/Photos and uses a sqlite database to
> store information about the collection. The example I posted in that bug
> report connects to the sqlite3 database and pulls the data from there
> instead. That example was meant to pull as much of the database over as
> possible with the least amount of work, so I just used the db file. F-Spot,
> to my knowledge will store the data in the files as XMP and EXIF comments. I
> haven't spent forever looking for documentation (found all that out by just
> sifting through the svn code) but f-spot.org is probably a good starting
> point.
> On an unrelated note: xfce is built on Gtk, so it can interact with gnome
> applications and do all things gnome. You shouldn't have any troubles
> running f-spot under gnome (or kde for that matter).
> On 3/18/07, Sabin Iacob <iacobs at m0n5t3r.info> wrote:
> >
> > jason switzer wrote:
> > > I was hoping I could find someone to develop a plugin that I'd like to
> > > see
> > > (it may not even have to be a plugin, just a page). I don't have the
> > > time to
> > > develop this myself, so I was looking for someone to do the ground
> > work.
> >
> > lol; me too :)
> > do you know Inline Gallery?
> > (http://m0n5t3r.info/work/wordpress-plugins/inline-gallery/)
> >
> > > I've never been overly fond of the basic photography plugins available
> >
> > > as it
> > > requires the web server to do the work. The user has to upload the
> > images
> > > and let the plugin do the grunt work. I serve my site from a
> > self-managed
> > > machine because it's easier to maintain. I also have a very powerful
> > > desktop
> > > machine that can handle my image processing needs. I want to use
> > f-spot
> > > (more on this later) to manage my image library because it has many of
> > > the
> > > features I want (such as tagging, searching, metadata browser) in an
> > > interface that is no where near as clunky as most web based gallery
> > > engines.
> >
> > I agree; there are some things that are best done by desktop software,
> > and photo editing is one of them; I didn't know about f-spot (probably
> > because I don't like the idea of a bazillion of gnome services eating
> > memory - I already have Firefox and Thunderbird for that - hence I use
> > xfce). Is the documentation of the protocols it uses for publishing
> > available anywhere (in a shortened version, preferably :))?
> >
> > I also don't understand very well how f-spot stores metadata; if it
> > stores it in the photos, (as God and Adobe intended it to), then the
> > only thing to do is a web service that implements one of the protocols
> > used by f-spot for publishing, as Inline Gallery reads the said
> > metadata; oherwise, a few more function calls are required :)
> >
> > > If anyone out there has any interest in this, please drop me a line.
> >
> > line dropped :)
> >
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