[wp-hackers] Call for Plugin Developer

jason switzer jswitzer at gmail.com
Sun Mar 18 19:28:23 GMT 2007

I was hoping I could find someone to develop a plugin that I'd like to see
(it may not even have to be a plugin, just a page). I don't have the time to
develop this myself, so I was looking for someone to do the ground work.

I've never been overly fond of the basic photography plugins available as it
requires the web server to do the work. The user has to upload the images
and let the plugin do the grunt work. I serve my site from a self-managed
machine because it's easier to maintain. I also have a very powerful desktop
machine that can handle my image processing needs. I want to use f-spot
(more on this later) to manage my image library because it has many of the
features I want (such as tagging, searching, metadata browser) in an
interface that is no where near as clunky as most web based gallery engines.

I posted a bug to the f-spot bugzilla about the details on what could be
done. You can see the bug here:


This is just a starting point as I think this could be expanded to work with
other desktop image management programs (such as digikam or whatever Abobe
sells). Basic HTML export functionality usually sucks as I want this to
nicely incorporate into my Wordpress blog. This could even be extended to
have a defined system in which to interact with these desktop plugin
managers and they could have export plugins written specifically for them.

If anyone out there has any interest in this, please drop me a line.

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