[wp-hackers] Another bug as a result of markup in titles

Jennifer Hodgdon yahgrp at poplarware.com
Sun Mar 18 14:46:49 GMT 2007

> I think I saw some proposals to allow markup in titles in trac, and 
> people were generally against it, I didn't manage to find where the 
> shift in attitude occurred :)

Just a note... If someone proposes a fix for these bugs regarding 
markup in titles, please do not decide to fix it by stripping any HTML 
tags from titles before they are saved to the database. Some plugins 
use fake markup tags in titles and other text for filter indications. 
So the tags need to be saved along with the other title text, and are 
then filtered back out by the plugin before echoing into either the 
admin page or in the public page's HTML.

That said, probably links in titles are never going to work well, 
because most title displays in most themes are links (to the permalink 
of the article) or in the overall HTML page title (which can't be 
clicked on anyway) or in the admin pages (link to edit the article). 
So probably the fix would be to strip them out using a filtering 
function applied by default in WordPress.


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