[wp-hackers] SVN Question

Sabin Iacob iacobs at m0n5t3r.info
Sun Mar 18 08:48:47 GMT 2007

Jeremy Visser wrote:
> Wow, cool. Don't forget to blog it, so others may see the solution if
> they're googling for the same thing

actually, if you search for "svn http kioslave" the first result is a 
bunch of C++ in a mail that contains exacty this; the generic way to 
specify such locations is fileprotocol+transportprotocol:// (there is 
also svn+ssh, for instance); kde doesn't know you are trying to browse a 
SVN repo if it only sees http:// (although it could make an educated 
guess, bzr-svn for instance first checks if there is a bzr branch at the 
URL, then looks for a SVN branch in a similar situation)

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