[wp-hackers] Interesting WP Object Cache Glitch...

Computer Guru computerguru at neosmart.net
Sat Mar 17 22:45:47 GMT 2007

I was messing about with my server (installed a new rewrite engine), and
restarted IIS.


I noticed my blog was taking a lot of time to load, so I refreshed.. It took
even longer.


I waited 2 or 3 secs for it to load, scrolled to the bottom, and read ONE
HUNDRED EIGHTY SEVEN queries - 2.1 seconds.

I refreshed a couple of times, and it became 187*2

Another ten or so refreshes: 187*4, etc...


After restarting IIS, restarting MySQL, disabling all plugins, switching to
the default theme, and tearing my head out I realized I hadn't cleared the
wp-content/cache folder. Lo and behold, my server was back to 38 queries per


I don't use Gallir's WP-Cache, just the in-built object cache. After
clearing the cache everything is working again, and the cache is being
properly created.


I'm wondering if anyone has ever seen this kind of bizarre behavior before
from WP's object cache? I can't think of a logical explanation for what




Computer Guru

NeoSmart Technologies <http://neosmart.net/> 



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