[wp-hackers] Plugin Directory

Martin Fitzpatrick martin.fitzpatrick at gmail.com
Sat Mar 17 16:22:07 GMT 2007

Someone with plugin directory know-how...

Having uploaded to the svn a few of my plugins are now available to
download. I notice that the downloads seem to use the format
pluginname.tag.zip so, for example, a version 1.2 plugin gets

However, it's also possible to download with just pluginname.zip which
downloads a copy. Is this the latest tag (stable release) or the
trunk? And is there any way to download specifically the latest
release or trunk on the url?

It would useful when posting links elsewhere (e.g. on my own site) to
direct them to the latest version at all times - rather than re-edit
various pages on each release.

There is also a minor problem with the directory structure. When
packaged up tag 1.2 is put into a folder in the zip called
/pluginname.1.2 to match the zip.  Unfortunately a lot of plugins
(mine included) expect to be in a particular folder within the plugins
directory (e.g. just /wp-content/plugins/pluginname ).

If this is intended does anyone know of a good bug-free way for a
plugin to find where it's installed? I've tried in the past to do this
but users with weird subdomain hosting knackered even my most
complicated attempts.

Apart from that it's a great system & looking really good. I don't
know what I'm going to do with all £3 of Adsense revenue now I don't
need to pay off my web host.



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