[wp-hackers] SVN Question

Robert Deaton false.hopes at gmail.com
Fri Mar 16 21:09:45 GMT 2007

On 3/16/07, Martin Fitzpatrick <martin.fitzpatrick at gmail.com> wrote:
> Hi all,
> A slightly OT question but related to the wp-plugins.org hosting.
> While I can access the SVN using http://svn.wp-plugins.org/ using
> svn://svn.wp-plugins.org/ doesn't work. Unfortunately the second url
> format is required to use SVN from within the kde filesystem (vs.
> using a seperate program). Is there any obvious reason that svn://
> protocol wouldn't work to the wp-plugins.org SVN server?

Yep, a very obvious one, svnserve must be running to use the svn:// protocol.

You may have luck asking someone to set up access via svn://, you may not.

--Robert Deaton

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