[wp-hackers] File names in WP base folder

Alex Günsche ag.ml2007 at zirona.com
Thu Mar 15 10:44:46 GMT 2007


I see that in the SVN, there is a file named "app.php" in the WordPress
base folder. I think it would better if this file was named "wp-app.php"
or similarily.

The reason is the following: Especially when you install WordPress into
you DocumentRoot, it is likely that there are WP-independent files
inside it, too. Now if you want to upgrade, you must remove all old WP
files from the base folder, and having non-standardized names can cause
confusion. This problem is especially severe, when you use a solution
which manages upgrades automatically. Such an application cannot just
delete any file from the base folder, but it usually has a predefined
list and/or pattern of files to delete and replace. Besides, using
non-standardized patterns could lead to name collisions, e.g. I could
already have a non-WP file named "app.php" in my WP base folder.

Therefore I think it would be best, if all WordPress files in the WP
base folder are prefixed with wp- (except index.php of course, and maybe
the legacy xmlrpc.php).

What do you think?


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