[wp-hackers] MySQLi-Powered WordPress 2.1.x

Computer Guru computerguru at neosmart.net
Wed Mar 14 14:59:32 GMT 2007

Like I mentioned in a previous message, I've created a db.php for use with
WordPress 2.1.x to get it to run via MySQLi functions instead of the old
MySQL extension. I found much hinting around this topic, but no actual code,
so here it is for anyone needing/wanting to switch.


It's no biggie, just took some code from bbPress and converted it to work
with WP and added some more error checking to make it more suitable for
ex-MySQL hosts..


If anyone would like to use/test it:


I found no significant performance improvements by switching to MySQLi,
however I did notice that it's slightly lighter on PHP. So bottom line: if
your server, under load, dies because of PHP, this might help. If you want
to improve MySQL performance, no difference (obviously).


Computer Guru

NeoSmart Technologies <http://neosmart.net/> 



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