[wp-hackers] Add a Filter or use new PRIVATE status (WP2.1)

Chris chris.hearn01 at ntlworld.com
Wed Mar 14 09:38:08 GMT 2007

My club site needs areas that are private to only club members. I have 
constructed a page menu system that shows extra options (pages) when a 
member logs in.
Posts can be made to categories that are children of cat=public, 
I want to prevent posts that belong in "member" cat and sub-cats from 
showing if visitor is not logged in (i.e. not a member).
I can do that on the index template by excluding cat "members", but I 
need to tackle how to also hide in the "Recent Posts", Calendar, Events etc.

So to the question ? How to do this in WP2.1?

There seem to be 2 possible ways...

a) Setting every "member area" post status = PRIVATE. the fixing the 
get_post() so that it respects the private status..
Is this already implemented? I cant find any info on it!

b) adding some sort of filter that filters out everything in cat=members 
if user not logged in
But where to attach this filter to have global impact and work with the 
plugins? assuming I can make the filter in the first place!

I think there might be some code function that helps, but have searched 
the docs and forums without much success..


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