[wp-hackers] wpmu default blog/folder

Dr. Mike Wendell theapparatus at gmail.com
Tue Mar 13 12:28:32 GMT 2007

On 3/12/07, Pixline <supporto at pixline.net> wrote:
> Hi all, I have a question for you WPMU developer:
> there is a way (easy or less) to change the default prefix "blog/"
> added for main blog posts into some other string?

Just for reference, the WPMu support is actually over at:


I believe this mail list is more for regular wordpress.

> I'm working on a unusual installation of WPMU (it will run a kind of
> sub-sites network for a radio agency), and the 'blog' prefix is a
> mess because it break my backward compatibility plan (redirect with
> 301s to the new permalink structure)

I thought it was actually hardcoded in a number of places I believe.
It's come up a couple of times in the support forums.

I do see that if you edit your wp_1_options table and look for the
permalink_structure record, it's set in there.  I'd try removing it
and see if that helps.


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