[wp-hackers] plugin loading order (rfc)

Peter Westwood peter.westwood at ftwr.co.uk
Sun Mar 11 22:19:15 GMT 2007

Jennifer Hodgdon wrote:
>> Could you expand this issue / or link to an example of the problem.
>> I'm not sure how allowing control over the include order of plugins 
>> gives people any benifit apart from wining in the pluggable function 
>> definition battle.
> I can think of one possible use. A plugin I use makes a multi-lingual 
> blog, in part by having the locale of WordPress be dynamic. During the 
> load, so that it happens as early as possible, the plugin figures out 
> what language the user wants to view the blog in, and then sets the 
> WordPress locale.
> The problem is that other plugins could call load_plugin_text_domain 
> during their load phase (to load their internationalization). So if they 
> are loaded before the multilingual plugin, they will have loaded the 
> wrong locale. Maybe there is some way to reset their text domain to the 
> right locale, but I can't figure out a very smart way to do it. So 
> ensuring that the multilingual plugin loads first would be good.
> Or, ensuring that the plugins wait until later to call 
> load_plugin_text_domain, but that is up to the plugin author...

If all plugins were written to do there initialisation on the init hook 
(which they should be but a lot are not!) then this should be as simple 
as adding you action to init with the highest priority and then you will 
get called first.

Alternatively we could have a special multi-lingual blog hook done in a 
similar way to the caching hook that can only be definition be provided 
by a single solution.

Peter Westwood

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