[wp-hackers] Should OpenID be in WP core?

Chetan Kunte ckunte at gmail.com
Sun Mar 11 17:46:37 GMT 2007

> If WP were to have this in the core, it should not only be a consumer,
> it can be an authentication provider, so if I blog at http://torrez.us/
> then I can use that identity to comment on any other OpenID-enabled
> WordPress and many other sites that are starting to offer OpenID support.

I have been following the OpenID "open your arms and embrace it" thing
out of a lot of curiosity. I am sure it is a good thing. A convenient
thing. I am just not sure I get it right, but here are a couple of
things that don't sit with me as a "normal" user:

1. To login to my site as a publisher, I need to depend on an external
authentication site. If this is right, then I don't need my digital
identity, because I already have one and it resides in my own
WordPress db.

2. Dependancy on an external authentication site can put a lot of
logins in a limbo if they are down / out for some reason.

On the other hand, if you're saying my WordPress site itself begins
acting as an OpenID site (i.e., my login to the admin becomes my
digital key to everywhere on the net), then, there might be some hope
in it after all.

So tell me, is this what you're proposing and not like TypeKey, which
is an external site and service?
Chetan, ckunte.com

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