[wp-hackers] Adding HTML Elements to TinyMCE

ozgreg wphackers at galleryembedded.com
Mon Mar 5 03:00:24 GMT 2007

As part of the WPG2 plugin we add a few custom tags in the format of <wpg2>.  Upto WP 2.1 we extended the valid elements in TinyMCE by adding the required tags -> $valid_elements .= 'wpg2,wpg2id';

However in WP 2.1.2 I noticed the following..

When entering  <WPG2ID> 323 </WPG2ID> tags (Without any spaces of course) in the visual tab of tinymce when you switch to the code view the entry is incorrectly translates into &lt;wpg2id&gt;323&lt;/wpg2&gt;

Is anyone else using custom HTML tags and noticed this behaviour or better still getting the correct behaviour in WP 2.1.2?

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