[wp-hackers] Any other way to do it? (or, do we really need Nonces?)

Elliotte Harold elharo at metalab.unc.edu
Sat Mar 3 16:34:16 GMT 2007

Timo Kissing wrote:

> Go to http://believe.ranta.info/
> Type in some text, submit
> Go to http://believe.blogpara.de/
> Type in some text, submit
> Go back to the first page.
> See the text you typed on the second one there too.
> Read the sources at http://believe.ranta.info/ and
> http://believe.blogpara.de/index.phps

1. This requires user action. It doesn't happen automatically.

2. There don't seem to be user authentication cookies involved.

3. It didn't actually work. The text I typed on the 2nd page was not 
echoed back on the first, even after I reloaded it.

Maybe it works in some browsers and not others?

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