[wp-hackers] p inside blockquote

Scot Hacker shacker at birdhouse.org
Thu Mar 1 19:28:12 GMT 2007

> <p> can (should?) be nested within <blockquote>, but never the other
> way around, which leads to a common validation error that WP 1.2.x
> used to generate by default ('smart' tags).

OK, so we've got a bunch of variables here:

- The rules  change depending on the doctype (blockquote switches  
from  block element to flow element in strict). But doctype is  
unknown (stored in the template / user controllable), so WP can't  
know it in advance in order to do the right thing. So we want a rule  
for this that works as well as possible for all doctypes.

- While a p inside blockquote probably shouldn't  be enforced for a  
single block of text, it makes good sense for multiple paragraphs in  
a blockquote. We probably don't want to try and parse text that  
finely (i.e. we don't want to try and determine how many paragraphs  
there are in a blockquote before rendering it), so we need a single  
rule that works in all cases.

-  p, div, and blockquote should be treated  differently. They're  
similar, but not the same. While it might make  sense to enforce p  
inside blockquote for  text for several reasons, it doesn't make  
sense to force p inside div for an image or other arbitrary HTML.

Hairy stuff - no wonder fixing one thing breaks another. I'm not sure  
how to proceed. Should I file a ticket covering all of this, or file  
more than one ticket, or go home with my marbles intact and leave   
well enough alone?


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