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Thu Mar 1 13:10:36 GMT 2007

___/ On Thu 01 Mar 2007 09:00:07 GMT, [ Chetan Kunte ] wrote : \___

> On 3/1/07, Scot Hacker <shacker at birdhouse.org> wrote:
>> There is no XHTML rule that says this should happen. Create a test
>> document with a blockquote, without the inner p, and validate it.
>> It's fine. Both p and blockquote are block-level HTML elements. Why
>> nest one inside the other?
> Well, I see a reason why p nests inside blockquote. If you have a
> quotation that spans more than one paragraph, then would you prefer
> repeating p or blockquote? It would seem obvious to repeat p. Whereas,
> if you tried repeating blockquote for each paragraph (let's say you're
> not using p nested within), then what happens to child elements, cite
> and title? Would you repeat them per paragraph?
> WordPress is right in nesting p within blockquote. So, if you have one
> paragraph, it wouldn't matter, but if you have more than one, then it
> does. To me, the default is good. Please don't start thinking of
> changing the very basics now. This is one of strengths of WordPress.

<p> can (should?) be nested within <blockquote>, but never the other  
way around, which leads to a common validation error that WP 1.2.x  
used to generate by default ('smart' tags).

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