[wp-hackers] Disable feedback for pages option

spencerp spencerp1 at gmail.com
Wed Jun 27 04:40:26 GMT 2007

Matt wrote:
> On 6/26/07, spencerp <spencerp1 at gmail.com> wrote:
>> As far as I can remember, comments were on for pages and posts by
>> default originally. I always remember through various versions of WP
>> that one I had made a WP page, I had to make sure the dang comments
>> option was turned off for it. IMHO, it's stupid and pointless to have
>> comment on pages LOL! But, everyone likes their own thing, so... no
>> offense of course.. :P
> Huh, in all the times I've made a Page, comments have never been 
> enabled on
> it...

Hmm, maybe I'm thinking of something else then, I dunno. I have so much 
on my mind lately, please excuse me. :)

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