[wp-hackers] Feedback on reCAPTCHA plugin

FUJINAKA Tohru tohru at nakarika.com
Wed Jun 27 03:09:43 GMT 2007


> Thanks for the suggestion.  We used wp_die() in our first version but only
> some browsers save the comment when using the back button, and this didn't
> allow for error messages in the reCAPTCHA widget.

So, for the first post you wrote:
> We're improving our reCAPTCHA WP plugin and would appreciate any 
> feedback 

I would say it's prefer to use Ajax tech - asynchronously checking.
Send input words in background and give feedback (for users enable
JavaScript to their browser).

Alternatively, you can recommend to use reCAPTCHA plugin with my small 
plugin. :)

This plugin sends a comment via XMLRPC and get a response. 
When it finds an error message in the response which wp_die() put, it
picks up the message and insert it into the original window which
comment editing.
If no error founds then it leads browser to reload the post/Page.
It's not efficient approach to force reloading, but works with any WP
enables other Ajaxed plugins(such as `WP AJAX Edit Comments').

# I wonder why WP core developers leaves that issue;
# Edited comments may lost, to which users spend precious time to write
# not only for themselves but also for blog/Page authors, due to paring
# of forgetful browser and poor error reporting mechanism. :p

  FUJINAKA Tohru <tohru at nakarika.com>

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