[wp-hackers] Feedback on reCAPTCHA plugin

FUJINAKA Tohru tohru at nakarika.com
Wed Jun 27 01:38:40 GMT 2007


> There is a specific optimization that would be nice, but I can't figure out
> how to do it with the available hooks.  Currently, if the reCAPTCHA guess is
> incorrect, the comment is still processed and stored temporarily in the
> database.  Only at the last moment before showing the comment page with the
> error message is it deleted from the database.  Does anyone know how to stop
> it before new_comment is called?  It looks like this would break
> comments-post.php though.

Another captcha plugin `cryptographp' does that.

It might help you to look in its source code .
# It seems `wp_die()' works for it.

FUJINAKA Tohru<tohru at nakarika.com>

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