[wp-hackers] Re: Blogroll, Bookmarks, Links?

Leonid Mamchenkov leonid at mamchenkov.net
Tue Jun 26 16:28:59 GMT 2007


On 6/26/07, Otto <otto at ottodestruct.com> wrote:
> I'm betting that a lot of people advocating "links" here don't
> actually use the blogroll for a whole lot, right? Anybody care to
> dispute that? Who here uses it for more than simply an easy way to add
> links into their sidebar?

How about actually making money with Links?  People sell Links on
their web sites.  Not bookmarks.  Not blogrolls.  And when they do so,
it doesn't matter where the link is added - in the post, on the
sidebar, or on the top of the page as a menu, or in the footer.  These
are all Links.

The issue with Web 2.0 in general and social bookmarks in particular
is that things are called names just for the sake of being called
names.  Normal people (those that don't work in IT industry) have hard
times keeping up with all the terminology.  And I think it makes sense
to make it easier on them, whether the application/service is a
flagmen or not.

Links is what those people know.  They send each other links in the
email.  They share interesting links.  They follow links on the web.
They sell and buy links.  They rate links. They arrange links on their
web site.

Even the most in-accurate benchmark of all - the Google number of
search results - suggests that Links it should be.

links: 1,750,000,000 results
bookmarks: 134,000,000 results

Now that's more than 10 times the difference. :)

P.S.: Social bookmarks are just the links that people share. And
organize. Together.

P.P.S.: Think of non-native English speakers too.  To make it easier
on you, which word looks better for you - ссылка or закладка? ;)

P.P.P.S.: This is the last message from me in this thread.  Respond
personally if you feel like continuing the conversation.

Leonid Mamchenkov

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