[wp-hackers] Re: Blogroll, Bookmarks, Links?

Hacker Scot shacker at birdhouse.org
Tue Jun 26 15:45:23 GMT 2007

> From: "Justin Moore" <wantmoore at gmail.com>
> "Links" since the pre-0.7.2 days. A quick glance at several of the
> demos at opensourcecms.com shows that Link(s) what the majority of
> popular blog and CMS packages use to refer to this functionality.
> This needs to end though - can we get a dev to speak up and let us
> know if it's something even worth debating?

Rather than interminable discussions on semantics, how about we reach  
out to users on this one and get some real feedback. I'm thinking  
that if a few of us posted Democracy polls on our blogs (to get a  
wide range of samples) and one of us posted a discussion thread in  
the support forums briefly describing the debate and asking which  
nomenclature seemed most *intuitive*, we might get some useful  
numbers and user feedback. You know, like actual market research?


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