[wp-hackers] Creating an options sub-submenu

Lutz Schroeer latz at elektroelch.de
Mon Jun 25 16:03:36 GMT 2007


I'm writing a plugin which has many, many options. To put all these 
options onto a single page would result in a confusingly complex 
interface. So I have the idea to split the options into various sub-pages:

|-- myPluginOptions
   |-- General Options
   |-- Advanced Options
   |-- Gallery
   |-- ...
   |-- About

Sparma Karma 2, for example, does have such subpages (General Settings, 
Recent Spam Harvest, ...) in its options menu but it look quite like an 
"unofficial" solution.

Does Wordpress have a built-in mechanism to create such subpages in the 
options menu pages? If not, is there any "semi official" solution to 
this problem or do I have to look for a CSS tabbed menu of my choice and 
try to fit it into the layout?

If there is no mechanism to create sub-subpages how's the idea to 
include such a thing into Wordpress? I think plugins became more and 
more complex over the time and some option pages really look totally 
cluttered. An option to divide such pages into "Basic", "Advanced", 
"Geek", ... would be a step towards user friendliness, wouldn't it?


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