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Mon Jun 25 15:11:23 GMT 2007

Il giorno 25/giu/07, alle ore 17:03, Marci O'Daffer ha scritto:

> http://www.instinct.co.nz/e-commerce

I'll check it, thank you.

> That said, I don't know how you can not deal with online payments,  
> once you
> have a cart.

> You will do a LOT better with online sales if you use Paypal or  
> some sort of
> payment processing online. Most people won't bother dealing with  
> manual
> payments of any sort -- they are too cumbersome. I know some folks  
> refuse to
> buy online too, for all kinds of security fears, but they are the  
> minority.


Unfortunately (for me, not for you) you don't know what a pain is  
making web apps in Italy today.

We - as freelances - have to deal with clients that refuses to  
upgrade their IE5, that don't use internet at all for their work, in  
some previous cases they didn't even have a computer.
And better: they are ready to pay huge money for obsolete services,  
but they don't want pay a buck for internet at all (sort of "but  
google have those nice tools... can't you use them and make us not  
paying hosting?").

Sorry, but web development here is another planet. So we have to deal  
with ultra-low-level plans and budgets, and hyper-ultra-low  
capabilities by our clients.
It's a pity, but it's actually my work. Hoping it will be better  
soon :-)

Anyway, thank you!

Pixline Coding Collective

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