[wp-hackers] Mass upgrade question

Scot Hacker shacker at birdhouse.org
Sun Jun 24 19:06:14 GMT 2007

> From: Aaron Brazell <abrazell at b5media.com>

> Our upgrade script does indeed invoke cURL to run the upgrade.php
> script. We can't expect our bloggers to do anything except freak out
> when they see the "Database requires upgrade" message. :) Most of the
> time, if a blog slips through it's no big deal. The blog will display
> publicly as expected. One of the recent upgrades (2.0 -> 2.1) did
> indeed break the Loop until upgrade though,

Yeah, I noticed that :) Based on that experience, I've built in a  
simple wget call to


which seems to complete the job nicely. On reflection, it would be  
pretty lame to not have the script finish the  upgrade, so this is  
definitely the way to go.

> but most of the time that
> doesn't happen and the blog will continue to operate as normal. In
> fact, that's the only time it has ever happened in my recollection.
> As for the policy question - understand that in our case, we own 95%
> of the blogs with a few exceptions where blogger-owned blogs
> affiliate with us for business reasons. In those rare cases, it is
> understood contractually that we handle the tech including upgrades.
> So no, we don't allow people to opt in or opt out. It doesn't fit our
> philosophy as a company to have people doing different things.

Gotcha. I decided to slate all user blogs for automated update, but  
have sent a message to customers giving them the opportunity to opt  
out of the program. Won't run the script on production blogs until  
they've had a chance to opt out. I guess the biggest danger here is  
the rare user who has (probably unnecessarily) modified core files -  
that's where a system like this could really break things, forcing me  
to go to backups, etc.


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