[wp-hackers] Re: Blogroll, Bookmarks, Links?

Stephen Rider wp-hackers at striderweb.com
Fri Jun 22 21:20:49 GMT 2007

> On Jun 22, 2007, at 1:33 PM, Otto wrote:
>> On 6/22/07, Marci O'Daffer <marci at odaffer.net> wrote:
>>> I too will be fine with whatever the outcome is.
>> I, on the other hand, will not be fine with it. And if it ends up
>> being called "Links" I will most certainly avoid the Wordpress  
>> support
>> forums, as I do not relish having to wade through hundreds of more
>> threads full of user confusion.

Actually, there's a legitimate point there.  If I want to find  
information on WordPress, I can go to Google and search for  
"wordpress" and get items related to what I want.

Have you ever tried to Google-search help for Microsoft "Word"?   
There's a Mac program called "Books" with a similar problem -- not to  
mention "Pages".

Yes, "bookmarks" is a widely used term already, but in the context of  
Wordpress -- it means something in particular....

If a year from now I go to the codex and search for help on "links"  
I'm going to inevitably get a ton of stuff that is completely  
unrelated to what I need -- because we'll have two different things  
with the same name.  Thus, there's an argument for "bookmarks" simply  
because it's a _different_ term used for a _different_ thing.

BTW -- I looked back over this thread, and my earlier email reads a  
lot snarkier than intended.  It was meant in good humor.  :)

Stephen Rider

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