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I was about to mention the same thing. Gallery2's installer is really slick
and ensures that your install and all it's files are correct. Back in the
day when I had time to browse the support forums, I remember ever so many
posts where the solution was to reupload the file as it hadn't been properly
uploaded. Easily avoided with this.

Not to mention we could wrap the config maker into it. Make a full fledged
"noob" installer of sorts rather than just an installer that dumps the
defaults into the database.

This would be a big help IMO for the technology impaired.

On 6/18/07, Computer Guru <computerguru at neosmart.net> wrote:
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> Gallery2 has some excellent (GPL'd) code that, IMO, makes installing and
> upgrading with full verification and hash-checking a breeze.
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> Omry Yadan wrote:
> > * Files integrity (Checks that all the files exists and and warn if
> > files are modified (depends on an md5 files list generated automatically
> > as a part of the build process)).
> I would be most interested in this part, it'd also be a great security
> measure and help catch upload problems.
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