[wp-hackers] Proposal: System test page

Omry Yadan omry at yadan.net
Mon Jun 18 19:39:21 GMT 2007

No need for that.

I don't know how you create the distributed archive right now, but if
you will use some script to do it you will have a place to do some nice
things, for example:

* replacing some macros in the code, version number is a typical example.

* creating the md5 list file prior to distributing.

I use this simple script to generate the list file (which takes the
directory with the files as an argument) :



cd $1
for i in $( find -type f); do
        echo `md5sum -b $FILE` >> md5.lst

you can use the from my systest page to validate the files.

Matt Mullenweg wrote:

> Omry Yadan wrote:
>> * Files integrity (Checks that all the files exists and and warn if
>> files are modified (depends on an md5 files list generated
>> automatically as a part of the build process)).
> If this could be a SVN post-commit hook that'd be amazing.

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