[wp-hackers] Plugin options page

Sabin Iacob iacobs at m0n5t3r.info
Mon Jun 18 03:05:43 GMT 2007

Dr. Mike Wendell wrote:
>> >> Sabin's and Stephen's suggestion for a standardised link to each
>> >> plugin's options page in the plugin screen is excellent.
>> >
>> > Definitely the best solution.
> One problem with that though is the "Plugins used" plugins that take
> the description of the plugin and displays it to your visitors.
> Granted, they can't get access but it still looks kind of sloppy.
> -drmike

yeah, if we include it in the description; if we define a new header 
field, the link could be displayed only in the plugin list. I suggested 
a while ago some hooks to allow for customizations to the plug-in 
metadata and plug-in list display; in the good tradition of Wordpress 
development, they received no feedback at all, since they are mere 
enhancement suggestions, not meltdown causing bugs.

~m0n5t3r, ex-wordpress tinkerer

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