[wp-hackers] protect my private infomation from the administrator

odi go odigohi at gmail.com
Fri Jun 15 22:23:59 GMT 2007

Hi there Anybody
Please Help me.  I have a situation here.

I have a computer and I often pay my accounts on the computer, but I have
found that the administrator of the computers (5 computers all conected by I
think networking plus one of those computers are a server.  Has been
violating my bank account, and also my emails or should I say my private

Now the bad thing is these computers are in my house (work from home) The
administrator just happens to be my partner I just need to protect my
private stuff.  I also found out that I have the mozilla firefox supposed
protect of removing all clearprivate data.  button.  I have been told using
this button actually updates the administrators lists.


I have nowhere to hide now.  My privacy has been violated terribly, what can
I do.

Thanks Odette

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