[wp-hackers] Ping and Privacy - misleading choices in Blog Visibility

Jeremy Visser jeremy.visser at gmail.com
Thu Jun 14 01:26:37 GMT 2007

Marci O'Daffer wrote:
> There is now an option during installation to set the privacy options,
> but I think this is really misleading to a newbie. Even with my two
> years of experience hacking WP, and probably 30+ installs, when I
> first saw this option I was unsure if it was related to pinging, or if
> it was something new that might create/modify a robots.txt file. It
> sounded more like the latter.

If I remember correctly, it adjusts both robots.txt and stops pinging.
Though, I may be wrong.

(And it can only do robots.txt if WP is installed in the DocumentRoot of
the server.)

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